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  • Facilitate knowledge exchange and information dissemination.

  • Increase public awareness of the benefits of Industrial Hemp based products in all sectors.

  • Support and develop job creation especially in rural areas.

  • Establish, administer and develop state and national lobby group to interface with government agencies.

  • Commitment to a national Industrial Hemp body.

  • Provide an alternative, profitable crop option for growers by facilitating the development of Industrial Hemp enterprise.

  • Adopt a firm stance against genetic modification o Industrial Hemp crops.


  • Supports Australian farmers, manufacturers and retailers by developing the industrial hemp industry in NSW

  • Establishes, administers and develops state and national lobby groups to interface with government agencies

  • Facilitates knowledge exchange and information dissemination and to provide a focal point for the industry.

  • Forms a foundation and ongoing commitment for a national Australian hemp association

  • Represents industry interests in matters of quarantine, legislation and other grower, producer and end user issues, providing a strong industry voice

  • Adopts a firm stance against genetic modification of hemp crops

  • Increases awareness of the uses and benefits of Industrial Hemp-based sustainable products in all sectors

  • Fosters national objective of developing environmentally and economically sustainable Industrial Hemp industry

  • Supports the development of new employment opportunities in rural communities - especially those with significant indigenous populations

  • Liaises with other state associations/organisations and political affiliates with aligned goals


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