INC 2010


  • Supports Australian farmers, manufacturers and retailers by developing the industrial hemp industry in NSW

  • Establishes, administers and develops state and national lobby groups to interface with government agencies

  • Facilitates knowledge exchange and information dissemination and to provide a focal point for the industry.

  • Forms a foundation and ongoing commitment for a national Australian hemp association

  • Represents industry interests in matters of quarantine, legislation and other grower, producer and end user issues, providing a strong industry voice

  • Adopts a firm stance against genetic modification of hemp crops

  • Increases awareness of the uses and benefits of Industrial Hemp-based sustainable products in all sectors

  • Fosters national objective of developing environmentally and economically sustainable Industrial Hemp industry

  • Supports the development of new employment opportunities in rural communities - especially those with significant indigenous populations

  • Liaises with other state associations/organisations and political affiliates with aligned goals

Join the Global Hemp Resurgence


 IHANSW is reinstating industrial hemp to its proper place - both commercially and agriculturally. Industrial hemp assists in improving the quality of  soil and helps reduce accumulation of  carbon (CO2) and minimizes  damage caused by  the greenhouse effect.


Importantly, industrial hemp is a plant cultivar low in THC and high in fibre yield - every part of the plant is used: leaves, stalks, seeds and the roots - it provides an alternative to petrochemicals, synthetic pharmaceuticals, unsustainable building materials, textiles and food.

Invitation to JOIN  IHANSW


We invite you to join IHANSW, a member of the Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance (AIHA)the national hemp association), to help

promote and support new industry to reinvigorate our environment and our rural economies.

Meetings announced via email invitation and are held in person and/or via the internet (Zoom/Skype).  


Industry Associations - Australia and New Zealand


 Industrial Hemp Association Australasia                                        Industrial Hemp Association Victoria                                                                                                

Industrial Hemp Association of Tasmania                                       Industrial Hemp Association of Western Australia
 IHEMPWA                                                     ;                      


Northern Rivers Association   NRA                                                                                           
Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance    (National Body)